YOUR OTHER FAMILY DOCTOR from sharing walks,(and some secrets too) our pets are more than just a furry friend they’re family. We want to ensure that you spend a long, healthy life together. With a focus on wellness, Boston Veterinary Clinic takes a modern approach to pet care, while minimizing fear and stress with each and every vet visit.


The goal of every loving pet parent is for his or her furry companion to live a long, happy and healthy life. Boston Veterinary Clinic began as a concierge practice, delivering exceptional pet health care services in the comfort and security of our clients’ homes. Over time, we have grown and evolved to also include in-clinic care within our state of the art Boston area veterinary hospital, located in Boston’s historic Bay Village neighborhood.


A strong human-animal bond start with good health.  The journey to wellness is unique for each of us, and the same for those in our care. At BVC, every care plan is different, yet all designed with the same outcome in mind – a healthy, happy pet living their best life with the ones they love.  Here are some of our success stories


We are thrilled to announce the opening of our third location in the Seaport. We’ll be delivering the same exceptional pet health services and in-clinic care in Boston’s Hottest Neighborhood. 

Our young cat recently had a scare with bladder stones, that left usconfused and worried. Dr. Kelly was able to provide immediate, unscheduled care for her on the same day we noticed symptoms; a luxury that many city pet parents know is hard to come by. The staff was patient and compassionate, being sure to inform us of our options, and celebrate with us.

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