Complete PET Care

Preventative Care Program For a Long and Healthy Life

Keep your pet happy and healthy, so you can forget “let’s see what happens tonight”. Get peace of mind, flexibility, and cost savings with unlimited exams, included vaccines, and more.

Preventative Care Your Pet Needs,

In One Budget Friendly Package

Save Up to $500 Annually: Based on the recommended preventative and unexpected visits for a new puppy or kitten.

Unlimited Exams, No Extra Cost: When in doubt, check it out. Nothing is too small when exams are free.

Prevent and Protect: Catch concerns earlier for happier, healthier pets.

Fear Free Care: The high standard of care your pet deserves, in a Fear Free Certified clinic.

In-Clinic Discounts: 5% off preventatives and 10% off select dental procedures.

Great for All Ages: Convenient, flexible, and budget-friendly for all cat and dog ages.

Simple, Straightforward Billing: All preventative care split into 12 easy payments rather than a large single-visit bill.


*Estimated yearly savings for a puppy based on typical planned and unplanned visits.


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Dr. Clay has been caring for my parrots for years, from basic yearly exams to emergency visits. I had a trauma emergency for one of my parrots a few months back, I called Dr. Clay, she told me to come right down and she would see my parrot immediately. Dr. Clay and the entire staff were so kind and compassionate, they brought my parrot right in and got her stabilized. Dr. Clay and the staff at Boston Veterinary Clinic have my deepest thanks, trust and recommendations.

Shannon W. | Google Reviews

Complete Care for Happier, Healthier Pets

Frequently asked questions

All wellness and sick exams, technician visits, and telemedicine calls are included in the plan. You will not pay for these items at the time of service. Medications, diagnostics, etc. are not part of the exam.

No, the plans cover BVC recommended preventative care services listed, as well as unlimited exams. They do not cover any medication, additional diagnostics or other treatments that may be recommended based on illness, accident, or injury. Insurance generally covers treatments based on illness, accident or injury. The Complete Care plans are designed to go hand in hand and cover routine items insurance may not cover.

Yes, you may cancel at any time, however, the enrollment fee is non-refundable. Upon cancellation, if the total retail value of plan services provided exceeds the sum of monthly installments collected for that Plan Year, you will owe the full retail fees (discounts reversed) for all services used minus the total of monthly payments received.

There is a $75 enrollment fee in addition to pre-payment for the first month of services.

you can still sign up, and you will be able to use any items on your plan within the 12 month period. You can use any of the items on the plan once your pet is enrolled. You’ll have 12 months from the date of enrollment to use all the items on the plan.

No. The plans are pre-set and do not allow for add ons.

There will be no refunds for unused services, and items do not roll over to the next plan year. Unused services will be forfeited.

notify us in writing (email is fine) at least 30 days prior to your plan end date, and we can set the plan to not renew.