dry dog nose

Why is My Dog’s Nose Dry?

There are various reasons that your dog’s nose might get dried out. Overall, dogs should have wet, soft noses that feel cool to the touch. However, there are occasions where environmental conditions and activities that your dog has been engaged in can dry out your dog’s nose. A dry and hot nose can also be a symptom of an illness.

Your dog’s nose is one of the few parts of their body that is not covered with hair, so it can be a very helpful barometer for how they are feeling. This is actually one of the only parts of your dog that will tell you if your dog has been drinking enough or if they are too hot. If you did not know that your dog’s nose could tell you so much about what they have been up to or how they are feeling, you need to keep reading for more information!

Why Might My Dog’s Nose Feel Dry?

As mentioned above, there are various reasons that your dog’s nose might feel dry. You should be aware of the reasons that your dog’s nose might feel dry so that you do not miss early warning signs of an illness or other condition that needs extra attention. A dry nose in your dog can be the first symptom of a variety of different conditions, so you should check on this part of your dog’s well-being with a little nose touching test here and there throughout the day.

Your Dog Has Been Sleeping

When your dog has been asleep for a while, their nose might get dried out a little. Dogs often lick their nose to keep them clean and moist, but when they are sleeping, this process will not happen. Your dog’s nose might feel a bit dry but not overly hot if they have been asleep for a bit and just got up. However, if your dog’s nose does not start to feel moist again shortly after they wake up, you should start to pay attention to their overall health and their drinking behavior.

It’s Hot Out

When the weather is really hot, your dog’s skin can dry out and get sunburned, just like a person’s. This is not immediately a sign of concern, but if your dog has been out in the sun with you for hours, you should be worried about heatstroke. Make sure that your dog is not stuck out in the heat for too long since dogs are not able to cool themselves as easily as humans when the weather is hot. Dogs who are in the heat and who have a dry nose might be dangerously close to suffering from a variety of health problems related to getting too hot and being unable to cool off.

They Have Been Exerting

When your dog is playing hard, hiking with you, or going running, they can get a dry nose from dehydration. This is not an immediate worry if they have access to clean water and they are drinking enough. However, if your dog has been working hard and does not have access to water, or they are not choosing to drink, you should be worried about your dog getting heatstroke.

Your Dog is Sick

One of the most common reasons for a dry nose is that your dog is running a fever. While you might not see other symptoms of illness right away other than your dog’s dry nose, this can be a warning indicator that something is not right. There are various reasons that your dog could run a fever or feel sick, and a dry nose can be linked with almost all of these various culprits for dog illnesses.

Your Dog is a Pug or Bulldog

Dogs with very short noses like Pugs and Bulldogs can have trouble licking their nose. This leads to a dry nose that is not a sign of a serious condition but is instead a sign of their face shape. These dog breeds can also have issues with their tear ducts due to the shape of their face. Your veterinarian might have some suggestions for maintaining a healthy and moist nose in breeds that have very short snouts.

Your Dog is Older

Older dogs can have dry noses simply due to age. There are nose balms that are sold to help with this problem, and your older dog just might need a little extra help keeping their nose moist and comfortable all day long. Make sure that you rule out other issues like fever and illness before you assume that your older dog has a dry nose due to age.

Dogs Can Have Dry Noses for a Variety of Reasons

Your dog might have a dry nose for many different reasons. Make sure that you are checking on the way that your dog’s nose feels when you are worried about hydration or if you are outside in the heat with your dog. There is a lot that your dog’s nose can tell you about their overall health, and you will be missing out on useful information if you are not occasionally checking the condition of your canine friend.

If you do notice a dry nose and think that there might be cause for concern related to it, never hesitate to head to your vet. Your vet can help you to rule out serious conditions and can provide some easy solutions to help keep your dog’s nose moist and cool. Use the online form to book an appointment with your Boston Veterinary Clinic vet today!