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5 Reasons to Protect Your Dog from Lyme Disease

Has your dog been vaccinated for Lyme disease? Should you get your pet vaccinated for this condition? Is it necessary, or is it okay for you to skip the Lyme disease vaccine for your dog?

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering these questions, you’ve come to the right place. In the article below, you’ll find a quick but thorough list of information that can help you better understand why your dog could benefit from a Lyme disease vaccine. Read through the information below to learn more and see for yourself why this vaccination is important for your pet.

1. Lyme Disease Can Be Found in Many Places

Many people mistakenly believe Lyme disease is only found in a few small locations. Although most of the cases of Lyme disease do occur in the Northeastern, Upper Midwestern, and Pacific Northwestern parts of the United States, the condition is also found in every state and in much of Canada.

A dog’s risk increases significantly by spending time in the woods or in tall grasses. However, Lyme disease ticks can also be found even in your own backyard, especially if you live in a location that is already Lyme-prone. For this reason, vaccines are recommended for dogs.

2. Lyme Disease Leads to Joint Swelling and Pain

One of the most common and most likely symptoms associated with Lyme disease in dogs is joint pain. Your dog’s joints may swell and become inflamed, and they are likely to hurt and become very stiff as a result.

The type of joint swelling and pain associated with Lyme disease can cause a dog to become entirely lame in some instances. In others, it can lead to difficulty walking or standing as well as long-term pain, and it can cause a host of other problems related to your dog’s spine and bone structure too.

3. Lyme Disease is Sometimes Incurable

Sometimes, Lyme disease can be cured by aggressive antibiotic and steroid treatment. However, in many cases, the condition is incurable and cannot be easily managed either, even with the help of a trusted and experienced veterinarian. In these situations, dogs will continue suffering with Lyme disease symptoms for the rest of their lives.

It can be very difficult to watch your dog suffer like this, and of course, it is much more difficult for them to have to go through it. To protect your dog and to prevent this risk, have them vaccinated against Lyme disease and keep up with their vaccines as well.

4. Lyme Disease Can Cause Kidney Failure

Although Lyme disease does not always lead to kidney failure in dogs, this is a major concern for any dog diagnosed with the condition. The condition typically attacks the kidneys and can cause serious, life-threatening issues for your dog. The longer the problem goes on unnoticed and untreated, the more likely it will become for your dog to suffer these types of results.

It is also possible for Lyme disease to contribute to cardiac health problems as well as neurological problems. Your pet’s heart, brain, and nervous system could all be affected over time by Lyme disease that is untreated or unmanageable. You can avoid these increased risks by having your pet vaccinated.

5. Lyme Disease Treatment is More Costly Than Prevention

Having your dog treated for Lyme disease will cost significantly more at the vet than just getting the Lyme disease vaccine annually. First, the vet will need to perform bloodwork to determine if your pet has Lyme. From there, the vet will prescribe a round of antibiotics for at least one month and may also give your pet steroids, depending on the severity of the condition.

If the antibiotics and steroids do clear up the problem, then your pet will still need to return for a follow-up afterward. If they do not, however, you will need to take your pet back to the vet to figure out a more aggressive method of treating the condition. In some cases, it is possible that Lyme disease treatment will go on for years, and you will need to be prepared to pay for these vet bills if this happens to your pet.

The Lyme Vaccine Provides the Protection Your Dog Needs

As you can see, there are several reasons to get the Lyme disease vaccine for your pet. Even if you don’t live in an area where Lyme is common, but you still take a lot of hikes or other types of vacations with your dog, you may need to consider this vaccine anyway.

If you’re concerned about whether the Lyme disease vaccine is right for your dog, talk to your Boston Veterinary Clinic team for more information. Some dogs are not good candidates for this shot, but most dogs will be perfectly safe getting it, and can benefit from it in a variety of ways as well. Book an appointment for your dog using the online form today!