why do cats purr in boston, ma

Why Do Cats Purr

Cats are excellent pets, and many people enjoy the fact that they purr as much as their company and funny antics. Purring is not something that any other animal can do, and you will find that this is one of the key reasons that people enjoy the company of cats so much. Most people do not know why cats purr in the first place.

If you know that you love the sound of your cat’s purring, but you don’t know why they purr, you are not alone. Many people love the sound of a cat purring, but they are not even sure why they do it. Besides meowing, this is the most familiar noise that people associate with cats.

If you want to find out more about why cats purr, you should read on!

How do Cats Purr?

Cats purr by dilating and constricting the glottis which is near the vocal cords. This is done in a rhythm that creates the rumbly sounds that we all recognize. The laryngeal muscles of the larynx are involved which is why you can feel the vibration of the purr when you are holding your cat and petting it as it purrs.

Cat purring is a unique vocalization that is not possible for any other animal. This is a unique vocal sound that happens to be very soothing to people as well as to cats. Even wild cats make this sound, which tells you that this sound is pleasant to cats as well as to us as humans.

Why do Cats Purr?

There are various reasons that your cat might be purring. These are the common reasons that cats will purr.

1. They are Happy

Happy cats purr. Even happy wild cats purr. This seems to be a social thing as well as an expression of contentment for cats of all kinds. Cats can purr for many reasons but often happiness or excitement drives this behavior in domestic cats that are around humans daily. This is kind of like a cat smiling and you should think of it like them thanking you for their comfortable home, their food, or some love.

2. They Want Something

Sometimes cats will purr as part of the behavior that they use to ask for things like food or love. Cats know that humans enjoy the sound of their purring, and they will use this noise to make requests of their humans as well. Purring can make people notice a cat and can help motivate people to do what the cat wants.

3. Family Connections

Mothers and their kittens both purr when they are together and wild cats will purr when they settle down to sleep in large groups at night. Purring appears also to be a means to express contentment and connection with other cats and human family members. While not every cat will purr when they are spending time with other cats, you will often see cats purring when they are cuddling in groups. Kittens often purr when they are nestled together with their mother and other siblings.

4. When They are Healing

Cats that have been injured and are starting to feel better or cats who are recovering from an illness might also purr when they start to feel better again. This can be a sign that a sick or injured cat has begun to feel better. You can use the purring of a cat as a barometer for how they are feeling after they have been under the weather as well.

Some cats will also purr when they are scared or worried, which suggests that they might also use this behavior to self-soothe. Not every cat shows this behavior, but some cats will purr when they are clearly worried about something. This might mean that purring is linked with self-comfort in cats.

Can the Purring of Cats Help Humans be Healthy?

Cat purring has been shown to offer soothing relief for those with chronic pain conditions as well as those who struggle with mental illness struggles. Anxiety reduction has also been linked with the purring of a happy cat. Many people will tell you that they can feel themselves relaxing as they hold a cat that is purring.

This connection with health in humans and the purring of cats needs to be studied more, but many people believe that their cats help them to feel better daily. Besides offering soothing purring as a benefit for the health of their human, the company of cats and their sweet and silly antics can all help make the humans around them happier and healthier.

Purring has also been associated with healing in cats as well. They seem to purr when they are trying to heal from something that has taxed their health. This seems to indicate that the vibration of purring can offer healing benefits for cats and for people. More studies need to be done into this possible connection between healing and purring, but there is some promising evidence that this might be a reason that purring makes both cats and humans feel better.

Cats Purr for Many Reasons

Your cat might purr for many reasons, and they can even purr because they are scared or hurt. This is a complex behavior that is not displayed by any other animal and people love this soothing sound. Cat purring is one of the most memorable and well-known behaviors of cats and many people cite this as their favorite cat sound.

If you have always wondered why your cat purrs, now you will know far more about the reasons that cats make this unique sound. You will also now know that your cat can help you to heal and feel less anxiety when they share their purr with you. Cats and humans often live together in harmony and purring appears to be one of the behaviors that is a benefit to both humans and to cats.