Alesha and Jacoby


Alesha and Jacoby

Jacoby came into Boston Veterinary Clinic just the other day—and we couldn’t help but to think back to the dog’s behavior a few years back.

When we met Jacoby, he was a high-FAS (or fear, anxiety, and stress) dog. His dog-mom Alesha was concerned about his health, but the hound-mix was so fearful of veterinary care that we were unable to administer any treatments that day.

As a certified Fear Free clinic, we always make the patient’s emotional and physical well-being a priority. Fear Free is a series of procedures and philosophies that we follow when treating each pet. After meeting Jacoby, we proceeded to begin treatment prior to vet visits.

We sent Alesha pharmaceuticals to calm Jacoby before he got to the clinic. Then, we were able to treat Jacoby with checkups, nail trimmings, and other more serious procedures. Soon enough, Jacoby went from full-sedation to sedation-free protocol. Now? Both Alesha and Jacoby have a new outlook on veterinary care.

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