Benji and Stephanie


Benji and Stephanie

We love to see Benji, our lovable, adorable senior Chihuahua mix. Ever since meeting Benji and his mom, Stephanie in 2015 we knew there was a special bond between them – a bond that would be crucial to keeping Benji in good health, despite his many challenges.

Our pets age much faster than we do, so it is especially important that there are more frequent, periodic visits with their veterinarian. After collapsing one day on his walk in the North End with his mom, Dr. Beth worked closely with cardiac specialist, now a new BVC medical offering, to diagnose and treat Benji’s degenerative heart valve condition. Dr. Beth helped manage Benji’s chronic medications, follow-up lab tests, even helping to file a pet insurance claim to recover much of the cost of his treatment.

Only 4 months later, Stephanie noticed all of Benji’s toys were not accounted for – a few x-rays later confirmed Benji had a little toy snack that afternoon. Today, Benji is still adorable, very lovable, and very healthy because of the strong human-animal bond he shares with Stephanie and his Dr. Beth.

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