Mark, Dan, and Sammy


Mark, Dan, and Sammy

Sammy has been coming to Boston Veterinary Clinic since he was a pup. And now, at age 10 (or age 70 in dog years), Sammy was slowing down. He stopped chasing squirrels and struggled to hop up on the couch for TV time. With the onset of old age, Sammy was experiencing joint issues in the back hips and legs, making it difficult to stand up or walk on his own.

Mark and Dan noticed the behavioral changes almost immediately and brought Sammy in for a vet visit. Boston Veterinary Clinic saw an elderly dog in need of pain management. Dr. B started the loving lab-mix on a series of pain medications and laser therapies. Sammy also received neutraceuticals to help his GI tracts and a dental cleaning that removed painful inflammation from the gumline.

Through this combination of well-rounded care, Sammy has increased mobility and an improved quality of life. Mark and Dan are happy to take Sammy for walks—and even happier when they see him running around on his own.

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