Gregory, Kent, Heidi and Valentino


Gregory, Kent, Heidi and Valentino

Heidi and Valentino are two 7-year old pugs, beloved by pet parents Gregory and Kent. With unique personalities — Valentino as the ham and Heidi as the charmer — it was easy to see that something was amiss when the two pups started withdrawing from the family.

Both dogs had fallen victim to common flat-faced ailments. Pugs are prone to a number of health issues—from breathing troubles to dental diseases. And in this case, both Heidi and Valentino had a case of periodontitis (or gum) disease. Dental pain is often undetectable. And, in the same way that it affects human’s moods, it can cause drastic behavioral shifts in animals.

Boston Veterinary Clinic proceeded with significant dental work, including cleaning and extractions, which relieved inflammation and pain in the gums. Now? The pups would never miss a routine checkup. And just like that, Heidi and Valentino are back to making strangers stop and swoon on the sidewalks of Boston

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